Neon parade in Budapest
1. Which event is held in October in Hungary?
2. Guess how many libraries take part in the National Library Days events in Hungary this year!
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3. What, do you think, are the aims of National Library Days? SEVERAL ANSWERS CAN BE CORRECT
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4. The first National Library Days event was organized in the United States in 1958.
5. How many programs will the FCCT Libraries organize during National Library Days?
6. Where can you see the collection of old neon advertisements in Budapest?
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7. What kind of shop may be under this neon sign in Budapest?
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8. This is a so call Solaris Light Trolleybus. What is it known for?
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9. What can you see in the photo?
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10. Where would you buy cheap and nice presents for Christmas? SEVERAL ANSWERS CAN BE CORRECT
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