CDT Dept. - 2016/17 Parental Feedback form.
We would be grateful if you could spend 2 minutes to provide feedback on your child's experience within the CDT Dept during the 2016/17 session.

The responses will help us identify strengths and weaknesses and inform some of our priorities for next session.

1 - Which year group is your child currently in? (please enter for each child)
Questions relating to course choice
2 - Did your child opt to come back into the Dept (S3-S6 only)?
If you answered No to question 2, please state why.
Your answer
If they are studying with us, please select the subjects are they studying.
Why did your child elect to come back into the CDT Dept?
Do you think the CDT Dept. offers a wide enough range of subjects to pupils in S3 and beyond?
Questions relating to gender equality
There is a current national push to get more females into the STEM subjects and the data gathered from the next three questions will help us evaluate if we are doing enough to encourage more females in the technologies subjects.
3 - Which gender is your child?
4 - How well do you think the CDT Dept. encourages girls to come back into the department beyond S2? (Where 1 is not well and 10 is very well)
5 - What else could we, as a Dept. do to encourage more girls to study our subjects?
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Questions relating to the quality of teacher feedback
6 - How do you rate the quality of the feedback given in your child's written report? (Where 1 is poor and 10 is excellent)
7 - How do you rate the quality of the feedback given at parents evening? (Where 1 is poor and 10 is excellent)
Questions relating to Homework
8 - Are you aware that in addition to the formal homework's issued, your child will have weekly folio tasks to complete at home?
9 - Do you think your child gets enough homework?
Questions relating to celebrating success / achievements
10 - Are you aware of our departmental twitter feed - @KHS_CDT ?
Thank you for taking the time to complete this his questionnaire, should you wish to add any other comment, please do so below.
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