KSA Captain / 2022 Spring Commissioning
Hello Captains!  

The KSA Season officially begins May 27 Memorial Day Weekend.  The KSA Crew are an important resource that the captain's can utilize to get their boats water-ready.

Please fill out this questionnaire to help us organize your timing during the period starting Saturday 4/16 to Sunday 5/22.  

We will do our best to provide a list of crew for the day you need them.  At the monthly meeting on 4/14 we will also spend time to match crew and captains as needed.  Also, as captains your skills are invaluable and can be helpful to other captains, so please fill out the crew list as well!  Thank you.

Please feel free to reach out to Domenic and Peter with any questions.  


Event Heads and Contact:

Peter Widland:  (917) 627-5347 | pwidland@gmail.com
Domenic Venuto:  (718) 451-6888 | dvenuto@gmail.com
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Location / Specific Address / Name of Yard *
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