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The fun isn't just for the kids. GVC's is your time to shine! Create your teams to compete for ultimate glory in the Geriatric Village Championships. Participation is $125 per person and includes 3 training sessions with Stacey Cook and 3 GVC races. Team scores will be based on the top 4 handicapped times per team. Individual participants will be placed on teams for the races with other individual participants. For questions, please call (760)934-0639 or email admin@mammothfoundation.org

Jan. 19th- Parent Clinic #1
Jan. 20th- GVC's Race #1
Feb. 16th- Parent Clinic #2
Feb. 17th- GVC's Race #2
Mar. 16th- Parent Clinic #3
March 17th- GVC's Race #3
Times and dates are subject to change.

Each participant must be a member of MMCF and sign a waiver prior to participating. Waiver can be downloaded by following this link.


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I understand that I will have to pay $125 for full participant or $50 for 1 Week Drop-In Participant via https://mammothfoundation.org/products/mmcf-donation or in person at MMCF office. *
I understand that all participants of GVC's must be members of MMCF. Membership can be purchased here; https://mammothfoundation.org/products/mmcf-membership
"Age is no barrier, its a limitation you put on your mind" -a wise woman
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