Newspaper "DO NOT TOSS" List
In cooperation with local publishers, the City of Covington now regulates the unwanted tossing of unsolicited printed matter, which often arrives as a "Free" newspaper on residential lawns and driveways.

If you wish to be on this optional "Do Not Toss" list, please submit the required information below to add your residential address to the list, which is  maintained by the City of Covington Council Office.

Frequently Asked Questions:
      Q: How long does it take to stop publications from being tossed?
      A: Before reporting a complaint, please allow forty-five (45) days to fully process your request.

      Q: Why might I still receive unsolicited publications?
      A: The "Do Not Toss" List is not intended to be a completely prohibitive "Do Not Deliver" list. Distributors may continue to deliver publications in alternative ways by:
a. Placing and securing it at the entryway nearest the front door;
b. Attaching it securely to the front door;
c. Putting it through a mail slot on or near the front door;
d. Putting it between the exterior front door and the interior front;
e. Handing it personally to the proprietary party of the premises;
f. Depositing unsolicited printed matter into a receptacle lawfully located upon any street or public place, provided said person is authorized to deposit such unsolicited printed matter into said receptacle; or
g. Distributing unsolicited printer matter to any person who accepts it.

      Q. What if I change my mind?
      A. To change your request or to remove your address from the “Do Not Toss” List, please contact the council office at (985) 898-4722 or

      Q. Where can I get more information about this ordinance?
      A. You can find a copy of the ordinance at the following link:

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