The TRF Request for Rescue Application
Re: Request for Rescue (application for surrender) into the TRF Program

Dear Applicant,

Please complete this form and return it to us at the address listed on the form. No application will be considered if the entire application is not completed and returned with the checklist items listed in the instructions below.

The TRF is entirely dependent upon donations. Our ability to accept new horses is dependent on our current herd size and the generosity of our donors. The result is that your horse may be placed on a waiting list.

Criteria for surrender to the TRF:
1. Jockey Club registration;
2. Must have a race record;
3. Pasture sound;
4. No stallions (mares and geldings only).

Protocol for rescue by the TRF:
1. Horses at the racetrack and horses in immediate danger are given first priority.
2. The applicant has clearly explained the financial hardship and circumstances that have led to this request.
3. References and documentation have been provided as requested.
4. Owners are responsible for transporting horses to the nearest available TRF facility.
5. The TRF will maintain a waiting list based on available space, and sustainable funding, across TRF facilities.

Rescue by the TRF means a lifetime commitment. If a horse is adopted from TRF and for any reason the adopter can no longer care for the horse, TRF will accept that horse back into the program.

Financial Expectations for rescue by the TRF: None.

The Request for Rescue application is intended SOLELY for those owners who are unable to provide for the safety, health and welfare of their retired racehorse. This option exists to prevent Thoroughbred racehorses from falling victim to abuse, neglect or slaughter. The TRF's ability to take horses surrendered through the Rescue process is entirely dependent on the generous donations of countless contributions from private individuals, organizations and foundations. The TRF will only take in a horse to whom it can make the promise of a lifetime and for this reason, we will only accept horses through our rescue process when we are confident that the organization has adequate funding to make this promise.

We appreciate that surrender is a difficult decision and respect your desire to do right by your horse.

We look forward to receiving your completed application including the items in the checklist below.

Sara Davenport
Herd Manager, Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation

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