Application for Certification
Use this form if you are applying for Certification. Nobody may apply for certification unless they have completed the requirements.

Applying for any level of Certification is not a guarantee that someone will receive that level. Other levels, Recognition, or no certification, may also be granted based on proven performance.

Requirements to Apply for Certification:
* Must have actively officiated (not as an alternate) games of Roller Derby:
** Level 1: 10 roller derby games since 2019-03-01
** Level 2: 20 regulation or sanctioned games plus 10 additional games, since 2018-03-01
** Level 3: 15 sanctioned games plus 15 additional games, since 2018-03-01

* Must have have the required Overviews of Officiating Skill (OOSes) on record, PRIOR to submitting this form.
*** The form to fill out an OOS is here: -- use this form to check who has filled out an OOS for you already:
*** One must be from a HEAD OFFICIAL
*** One must be from a LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVE
*** One must be from another official: PEER, HEAD, or EXPERIENCED
*** Level 2 applications must include one additional OOS (beyond Level 1) from any other official
*** Level 3 applications, that "one additional OOS" (beyond level 1) must be from an EXPERIENCED official

* Must have completed the online learning sessions produced by WFTDA Officiating Education here:
*** Rules
*** Risk Management
*** Level 1 applications must also complete the three position-specific courses (3 NSO courses or 3 referee courses, depending on your application)
*** Level 2 & 3 applications must also complete all six micro-courses, whether they are applying for Ref or NSO cert: Discretion - The Act of Making a Choice • Jammer Swaps • Pack Definition • Scoring • Star Passes • Using Good Judgement to Make a Call

* Must have completed the Rules Test
** Level 1 applications must have completed the Basic Test of Rules Knowledge
** Level 2 and 3 applications must have completed the Advanced Test of Rules Knowledge

* Must be equal to or at the prior level of application
** Anybody may apply for Level 1
** To apply to Level 2, you must already be Level 1, and to have waited at least two years since your Level 1 Certification
** To apply to Level 3, you must already be Level 2, and to have waited at least two years since your Level 2 Certification
** Officials with Legacy Certification are not required to wait the two years
** Uncertified fficials who officiated a WFTDA or MRDA Continental Cup, Playoff, or Championship tournament in 2016, 2017, or 2018, may apply directly to any level
** Uncertified but MRDA-Recognized officials may directly apply to any level

* For Level 2 or 3, must have been "opted in" to receive evaluations for at least one year prior to application

Note: Your email address entered below MUST match the one on record for your officiating identity.
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Email *
Skating or Non-Skating Official? *
If applying for initial certification both on and off skates, please fill out this form twice.
Level For Which You Are Applying *
Note that you must be opted in to receive evaluations prior to applying for a higher level. Uncertified officials who are qualified to apply for a higher level can opt into evaluations here:
If you are UNCERTIFIED and applying to Level 2 or Level 3, provide a link that proves you are qualified to apply. This includes: * A link showing you were staffed at a WFTDA or MRDA Continental Cup, Playoff, or Championship tournament in 2016, 2017, or 2018 * A link showing you are MRDA-Recognized * All other uncertified officials must request an Exception or apply to Level 1.
LMS Username *
What is your username on the WFTDA LMS system? We need this to verify that you have completed your coursework. The WFTDA LMS system can be found here:
WFTDA Official's Game History *
A current WFTDA Official's Game History document is required for Certification. If this document is not set to "anyone with the link can view," your application will not be processed. Version 2 and 3 officiating histories are accepted. Note that you need to start this with "http://" or "https://" or it will not register as a URL.
Who are you (A-D)?
This step requires an officiating identity. If you do not have an officiating identity, please apply for one and then return to fill out this form when one has been granted:
Who are you? (E-K)
Who are you? (J-M)
Who are you? (N-R)
Who are you? (S-Z)