2018 Lune SparkShort Story Contest - Nomination for a judge
Lune Spark is looking for passionate bloggers, writers, media persons, readers, and other book industry professionals with the credentials to serve as judges for the 2nd Lune Spark Young Writers' Short Story Contest. Visit following websites for more details to see if you might be interested.

1. The 2018 contest website:
2. The judges for our 2017 contest:
3. The winners of our 2017 contest:
4. The book that contains top 23 stories from our 2017 contest:
5. FaceBook Page:

What we are looking for in an ideal judge:
1. Must be very well read (fiction)
2. Willingness & excitement about reading short stories by young writers (in age range 10 years to 16 years)
3. Ability to read about 30 short stories of 1500 words each (that's about 150 pages of a novel) and provide score & 3-4 sentences of commentary on each story during the time period of May 12 - June 11, 2018.
4. You mush be willing to read the electronic copies of the stories. The entire process works offline - the judges receive stories in word / text / PDF formats.

What you will get:
1. Association with the good cause of encouraging young writers to write fiction.
2. Exposure on our website/ social sites and you will be featured in various promotions. Our contest appears in a large number of searches on the web.
3. Credit in the book that will contain top stories from 2018 contest.
(see book from 2017 contest: https://smarturl.it/AWindowToYoungMinds)

Thank you for your interest in serving the young writers by requesting to be associated with this contest as a judge. We appreciate your time and commitment!

Note 1: Lune Spark will reserve the rights to select the final judges after carefully assessing all the requests. Our decision will be based on our ability to assess the entries with the best credentials.
Note 2: The information we are collecting will be used only by Lune Spark. We will NOT share any information (partial or full) to anyone else.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Friday, March 10, 2018

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