Singapore ICEP Cadet Questionnaire 2018
This Form must be filled out by the Cadet applying to particpate in Singapore ICEP 2018
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What Unit do you belong to? (ex: SC-872-Wando HS)
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What is your last name? *
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What is your first name? *
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What is your Gender? *
Did you attend CLC? (CLC attendance is mandatory) *
What year of HS are you currently in ( Juniors or Seniors may only apply) *
Can you pass the CLC CADRE PT test? (Mandatory) *
What is your current position in your Unit? *
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Why do you want to attend ICEP Singapore?
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We are looking for OUTSTANDING candidates. What qualities do you posess, that set you apart from other candidates? *
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The program will require you to interact with cadets from multiple countries. Do you have any problems doing that effectively? You will be an ambassador of the United States. *
You must have excellent military bearing, uniform wear, attitude, flexibility, willingness to try new things, spirit and enthusiasm. Can your perform in an excellent manner for the duration of the program? *
Living conditions and food are typical Syngaporean style. You will bunk in non-aircoinditioned rooms with multiple cadets. Toilet facilities are not like those in the US and there is no hot water for showers. Can you accept these conditions? *
You must be physically and medically qualified to participate in many events. These events include, PT, rappelling, Kayaking, team fitness and leadership competitions, and many others. Do you feel you are physically capable of completing these events? *
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