Transportation Survey
Dear Cleveland Hill Parent/Guardian,

As the development of our reopening plan progresses, we are looking for your support to help minimize the density on buses in both the AM and PM runs.  In the Regional Reopening Survey administered in June, 49% of Cleveland Hill respondents reported that they would transport their child or children to school to reduce the number of children on the bus at any given time. In an attempt to reduce density, we believe that parent pick up and drop off must increase.  

Below is a survey that inquires about your capacity/willingness to transport your child or children to and/or from school or have them walk.  Please respond no later than Friday August 7th.  We will use this information to reroute our buses to balance and reduce density on all routes.  A parent may opt back in to utilizing district provided transportation at any time by contacting Bea Tabar at or at (716) 836-7200 ext. 8580.

Additional transportation information:
-Bus drivers will be monitored and screened on a daily basis for COVID-19 type symptoms.
-Bus drivers will be required to wear facial coverings at all times.
-Parents should instruct their children to maintain a social distance of 6 feet while waiting at the bus stop and while loading and unloading the bus.
-Students will not be permitted on the bus without wearing a facial covering or mask.
-Students must keep mask on, covering their mouth and nose throughout the bus run.
-We will seat students from the rear of the bus forward to help minimize students walking past each other.
-We will require siblings to sit together.
-Buses will be disinfected daily with high touch services being cleaned between runs.  

Information regarding specific bus pick up times and location will be mailed home after final routing is completed later in August.  We greatly appreciate your support and cooperation throughout this reopening effort.  Our partnership is vital for providing the safest learning environment possible for our students.


Carolyn A. Robertson
School Business Administrator

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