Support Gig Workforce - Are you affected by COVID19?
Are you a Gig / Freelance worker? Please share your situation with us. We would like to hear from you. For Company / Organization, Link:

Problem: Many gig / freelance workers, including taxi drivers, grab drivers, designers, photographers etc. are affected by the COVID-19 situation. Lack of jobs as events are cancelled & tourism badly affect.

ASEAN Youth Organization is setting up an ASEAN Gig Fund to support our youth freelancers across Southeast Asia. The funds received will be used to match the earnings made be the Freelancers. ASEAN Gig Fund provides up to USD $100 per freelancer by matching $1 to every $1 earned by the freelancer (via gig work) for up to USD $100. AYO partners would be involved in the identification, assessment, and recommendation of suitable freelancer to AYO for the USD $100 grant. If you are keen to support / partner us, please email | For Company / Organization, Link:

What is ASEAN Youth Organization about?
ASEAN Youth Organization (AYO) is a youth-led community that comprises 300,000 Southeast Asian youths and registered as a Foundation in Jakarta, Indonesia. AYO is an ASEAN-approved non-profit organization that spreads awareness of ASEAN to over 200 million young people in Southeast Asia. Through the regional programmes such as, ASEAN Youth Conference and ASEAN Youth Exchange, we empowered youth to take action and engage local communities to implement impact-driven ideas/projects that would create positive sustainable change. Till date, we have >100,000 freelancers that we actively help connect with employers who would like to hire them for gig works. More information:
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