Community Call: Seeking first-hand accounts of racism & coronavirus
The Asian American Feminist Collective is putting together a zine documenting and exploring the racialized anxiety of the coronavirus [COVID-19]. With the pandemic neither behind us or solely ahead of us, we hope to document the stories, first-hand accounts, and analyses of those we’re in community with as they experience, respond to, resist, and grapple with a viral outbreak that has been racialized as Asian, is spoken of in the language of contagion and invasion, and threatens to reveal places where our collective social safety net is particularly threadbare.

From our communities, we’re looking for first-hand accounts of experiences with racism or xenophobia, complaints, harassment, or workplace anxiety specifically connected to the Coronavirus. We are particularly interested in the experiences of international students, people living with chronic illness, caregivers, Asian American health care practitioners (nurses, home health workers, acupuncture and herbal medicine practioners), and service workers on the front lines (for example, cab drivers, ride share workers, sex workers, massage workers) of contact with other bodies.

Deadline: Wednesday, March 18
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