Practice session Review for the Dakini
These are check in questions for you for self assessment.

Notice that you DO NOT HAVE TO complete a practice session within a certain time frame - but it is encouraged that if you work with clients and 1-on-1, eventually you would. You can use this assessment as clarity and guidance for yourself!

There is another form to be filled out for a participant - that you may also ask more in an interview format.
In preparation to the session I have...
How do your feel entering a practice session space?
nervous and insecure
confident and prepared
Clear selection
My intention coming into this session.
During the session I have included
How I feel after the session
it could've gone better and I feel like I need to work on a lot of details
SUCCESS!! This is what I want to be doing!
Clear selection
Any notes and comments you want to give yourself..
Please note before you submit
This questionnaire online is available to read (and replies are visible) to anyone who fills it out and submits online - LIMITED TO our dakini - apprentices! I feel it would be a good way to self-assess and also to share openly about our experiences - include in the last question if you feel insecurity around sharing anything about the session!

This is meant for us to SUPPORT each other - to have TRANSPARENCY AND EQUANIMITY even around difficult topics.

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