Starseed Academy Application Form: November/December 2022

Welcome to Starseed Academy Coach Training Application Process.

At Starseed Academy, you change the world by being you!
We support you in standing out as a coach, making a difference, and building a fun and abundant business by being you!

Our 33-class program supports you in becoming a High-Level Certified Spiritual Coach.

This program is for you if:
- You are ready for a greater purpose
- You are ready to utilize your spiritual awakening  & gifts to change lives
- You are ready to make an impact and income doing what you love from a place of service

Our High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Program is accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) for 80 coach-specific education hours.

In our LIVE 33-class program, you will learn how to:
  • Be Confident & Standout as a Unique Coach with our core foundational coaching skills, tools, and techniques that incorporate your unique spiritual gifts and magnetic energy to attract & make a significant impact on your clients and community
  • Build a Fun & Easy Coaching Business at Your Own Pace as we share solid business structures to have in place married with your own touch so that you are building a thriving and expansive practice that feels good and satisfying to your soul and daily life
  • Elevate Beyond Your Blocks that naturally arise when starting a new chapter and starting a coaching practice such as pricing, finding clients, what others might think, being valued for your work, and much more. The individual high-touch support you receive from your Instructors/Mentors in this program is like no other - It's the most comprehensive program out there. 
This Program Includes:
- 23 live coach training classes, online via Zoom
- 10 ICF mentor-coaching to strengthen your coaching skills and ICF core competencies (Includes 3 private mentor-coaching sessions to meet ICF requirements)
- Group support with your ICF- Accredited Instructor to answer any questions regarding marketing, clients and your offers as you are building your coaching business

To maintain high-quality support for each of our students, we only hold space for 8 students per cohort | 2-3 times per year. Our next cohort is currently being offered for DECEMBER 7TH, 2022 at 5pm PST/8pm EST.

To be accepted into this program, complete the following steps:

Step 1 - Complete the entire application below
Step 2 - Receive an email response within 2-5 business days as to whether we have a spot available and if you have been accepted into the program or recommended to apply at a later date.
Step 3 - If accepted into the program,  a phone meeting will be scheduled to officially welcome you into the program and get registered. You will have 72 hours to secure your spot into the program with first or full payment and a signed student agreement form.

Our Director of Education and ICF Accredited Professional Certified Coach, Minerva Maharajh, reviews each application and approves the right candidates into the program.


Thank you for your time and consideration in applying for our ICF-Accredited High-Level Spiritual Coach Training Program.

Starseed Academy Team

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If accepted into this program which time slot do you prefer? We offer both day and evening classes. Our next class is scheduled to start Wednesday, December 7th at 5pm PST/8pm EST. Do you have a preferred time? *
In our Starseed Academy Spiritual Coach Training Program, we support you in becoming a successful spiritual coach by teaching you powerful core coach training skills, deepening your personal development, and a build a sustainable business aligned to your goals, energetic blueprint, and receive an abundant living for making a difference in this world. Although our program and processes have worked for Minerva, many of her clients and our students, we cannot guarantee results, clients or income. We are always committed to providing the highest level of instruction but ultimately it is up to you to create the results your want for yourself. Do you agree and take 100% responsibility for yourself, actions and results? *
Due to the sacred container and personal development aspect to our program, please note this is not a replacement for any physical, mental, emotional diagnosis or advice provided by your doctor, psychotherapist, counsellor, psychiatrist or any other licenced professional. If accepted into our program you agree and understand these terms. *
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