BVAR Reporting Form
BVAR strives to provide a safe environment for everyone regardless of location. We want to ensure that students, faculty, and staff have appropriate access to resources to address and help resolve interpersonal conflicts of any nature, including but not limited to safety and well-being, cases where individuals may be the target of bullying, cases of illegal activity or drug use, project supervisors who are not adequately training students or answering questions, or sexual harassment and/or assault involving any individual on the project.

This form has been developed to enable rapid communication between the involved party, the project, and others with relevant expertise in the event of any such conflict.

The form serves as a means for anonymously reporting conflicts or inappropriate student or staff behavior on the BVAR project. We also welcome positive comments, commending our supervisors for good instruction and help on the project. It is completely anonymous, although you may leave your name if you choose at the end of the report submission. We take all reports seriously and will work to resolve any student, staff, or faculty issues that we become aware of (or else refer parties to the appropriate university offices).

If your report involves any incidents of sexual assault, gender-based violence, or any other issues that fall under the jurisdiction of Title IX, please be aware that the staff of the BVAR project are required to report any and all incidents to the Title IX office at NAU. Additional resources for counseling or other anonymous reporting options can be found here:

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