General Tutoring at Brandeis: Tutee Sign-up Form
Fill out this form to submit a tutee into our database to be matched with a tutor. Please only fill out one form per student.
PLEASE DO NOT FILL OUT THIS FORM IF YOU HAVE ALREADY submitted this form in the past for your student.
We would like to avoid duplicates in our database that inhibit the speed of matching.

So, if you have already filled out this form, but need to update your child's preferences or would like a new tutor, please email us at

• Need to be able to transport your child to and from Brandeis University for tutoring.
• Commit 1 hour per week for each session.
• Know that it will take 2-4 weeks to match a student at Brandeis University full-time student undergraduates run this program and that the demand for tutoring does not always match up with the abilities of our volunteer Brandeis student tutors.
• Please email ASAP if you find another alternative or no longer require our services so we can update our database and match those who are on our wait list.

(781) 530-4688

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