Regenerate Lebanon Survey
A space for user generated projects, forms, laws, petitions, surveys, user generated database entry, ie : General Information from NGO/organization /Exact location, name, logo, "about section", vision and mission statements / number of branches, number of employees (and nationality), contact information (phone, email) / Scale of organization: Local, regional, national, international / Volunteer form / Any sort of media (videos, music, and pictures) they could provide to help raise awareness and spread knowledge /
Build a networkMaps: Ngo/ green business: data collection for [ecosouk, green products, designers, builders,Innovation labs, up-cycling centers, recycling facilities, refill, etc) or [roots academia, green workshops, educational content/videos] or [diveintoaction, cleanup locations, events, advocacy, campaign content]- Municipalities: Survey about waste management and environmental data
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