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I'm thrilled to be bringing you The Thrive Collective Mastermind -- one this market has never seen before. Infused with business and mindset, The Thrive Collective will infuse business and wellness during this luxury, immersive experience.

During the next 9 months together, we're going to completely transform your business as you scale to the multi-six figure mark in your business. This program was designed like a 1:1 model where you get access to me through Voxer, you'll have monthly guest expert trainings from experts ranging from mindset, funnels, attorney's, financial advisors, freelance writers and even wellness.

In addition, you'll have (1) 1:1 call with me a month so you'll have the hybrid between 1:1 and a group setting. We'll end our time together with an added value luxurious retreat where will be infusing wellness and business in one. You can expect to have a relaxing and rejuvenating time as we map out your 2021/2022 business plans.
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If accepted, The Thrive Collective you will be expected to show up fully, take radical responsibility for your results, and be welcoming and inclusive to all of its members. This is more than a mastermind -- this is a sisterhood. Is something you're able to commit to? *
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