World Environment Day
This quiz is organised by CommerceBud for social awareness on conservation of the environment on the occasion of World Environment Day.

Participants: Open to all.

Registration Fee: Free

Guidelines and Conditions:

1. This test will be conducted online only.
2. A participant can attempt the test only once.
3. Only 100 responses/ entries will be accepted per day. After 100 entries, the quiz will be closed and will reopen on the next day.
4. Questions are in English languages.
5. A candidate needs to score at least 70% or more in the test to qualify.
6. The score can be viewed immediately after submitting the test.
7. An e-certificate will be issued on the candidate's email id, who will qualify the test.
8. Registration to be done carefully as no correction will be entertained after the issue of e-certificate.

For any query, please contact:

Event Organiser:
Mr. Anil Kumar Singh
(Social Worker)
Mob. No. 7985607756
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The first World Environment Day was held in which year? *
2 points
World Environment Day was celebrated for the first time under which slogan? *
2 points
Which country will host the World Environment Day 2020? *
2 points
When was the first major conference on environmental issues under the United Nations held? *
2 points
What is the theme of World Environment Day 2020? *
2 points
Which unit is used as a measure of the "thickness" of the ozone layer? *
2 points
When was national forest policy announced in independent India? *
2 points
When was Wildlife Protection Act passed in India? *
2 points
Which of the following gas causes global warming? *
2 points
Global wildlife trafficking is a lucrative criminal activity. What is currently the most trafficked mammal in the world? *
2 points
What percentage of the planet’s land is covered by forests? *
2 points
What is the percentage of wild mammals among all? *
2 points
In many areas, what percentage of coral cover has died in the past 30 years? *
2 points
What are diatoms? *
2 points
Of all the species protected by the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species, what percentage are plants? *
2 points
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