Guild Member - Account Setup Guide
Take a moment to create your profile in the guild!
We will help you set up your NEW profile, or just get all the information for an existing one.

World of Warcraft does not allow us to really communicate in game what our plans are for the future, polls, news, or anything other than the "Message of the Day" and "Guild Information" - We think that's pretty lame. A good guild has more in place than Message of the day and Calendar events.

Here's what we would expect everyone to do to be prepared for a full guild experience.
Plus it's required to rank up past "New Recruit / Trial Member" and get you into participating in the guild.
β˜› We don't really talk much in Guild Chat (In Game). 🎧+🎀 We Talk in VOICE!

β˜› Trial Members invited to the Guild are expected to register, and become active with the guild in 30 days of their rostered join date. This is so you can get to know us. HOWEVER: Failure to do so gives us the impression that you don't need a guild for the reasons that WE want a Guild. We're FAMILY! We're inviting you into the warmth of our home! Please take a couple steps to reach back to us so we can communicate, and get you all the help and knowledge we can!

❇️ We want this to be as EASY as possible!
❇️ Help us, help you by following these easy steps!
Welcome to: Farmers Express - A World of Warcraft Guild
Farmers Express - A World of Warcraft Guild (Est. 2015)
Setup your account. Fill in the form blanks as you go!
This gives us a UNIFIED list of who's who...
Fill in your info here as you register for each step!

Must be INCLUDED when you fill in your Character's name(s)!!
If you need special characters for your Name:

Everyone starts as a "30 day Trial Member" then works their way up the ranks.
THIS VERY FORM starts the climb in the ranks! - Finish ALL the steps, you will come out as a registered "Member".

This will give you all the links to start participating in the guild!
Just make Your accounts, and fill in the Form!
We want you to make Farmers Express more than a Guild, we want it to be your HOME.
So your privacy is sacred to us, and will never be shared with anyone else. Ever.

This information is limited to: Admin / GM / High Officer View ONLY!
For the purposes of; identification, setting permissions, and rank-changes.

For safety's sake: Never give anyone your passwords.
So please do not type any of your passwords into this form.
We DO NOT want your passwords!! Your passwords are intended ONLY for you!
We CANNOT access or see them. If anyone asks for a password, it's NOT us!

Report suspicious activity immediately!
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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