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As many conferences and other presentations are being cancelled or deferred due to the global pandemic, we want to provide the DUB community with a new format to help share its research. The DUB Short format will encourage the community to share a research paper in a 15 to 20-minute talk (i.e., like a typical conference talk).

DUB Short talks will be given during the normal DUB seminar time, with a corresponding "live" audience and time for Q&A after the talk. But the talk can also be recorded, edited, and made available to share more broadly, helping disseminate the research in the same manner provided by a public conference presentation. We hope that recording a high-quality talk in the DUB Short format will be a good fit to the needs of many in the community who are disappointed to not be presenting their research at planned events.

Some notes about our approach to DUB Shorts:

- Talks should correspond to a full published paper (e.g., at a major HCI-related conference like CHI, CSCW, DIS, GI, IDC, UbiComp, UIST). This format is not intended for "trying out an idea" or "sharing some early thoughts", which you could instead do in a mixer.

- The talk should be appropriately polished (e.g., as it would be at a conference). Practice beforehand, reaching out to colleagues to watch and give feedback on the talk before you go "live" for the DUB Short.

- We will host the talk during a DUB seminar time, asking people to hold questions until the end.

- If you would like further publicity for the work, we will also record the talk, edit the resulting video, and allow the speaker to review the resulting recording before publicly posting the video to be further shared. If you were ultimately not happy with the recording, there will not be any requirement to share.

- Depending on speaker interest, we may sometimes offer two "tracks" during a DUB Seminar, balancing a desire to make this opportunity available to the DUB community with our resource constraints and goals of ensuring speakers have an appropriate audience for follow-on Q&A.

- We will prioritize talks from within the DUB community for papers that were to be presented at conferences that have been or are likely to be cancelled, deferred, or made virtual. Contingent on capacity, we may open DUB Shorts to other papers or to outside speakers.

If you have any questions, please email
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