College Prep Program Summer 2019 Volunteer Application
Thank you so much for your desire to volunteer with us at CPP! We are excited to get the 2019 summer experience up and running and we couldn't do it without you!

This is our 10th year (and will be our 11th class!) helping trailblazing students apply to and graduate from college!!

***If you can, please sign up for more than one position; we will place volunteers based on preference and availability. Every level of commitment is welcome, though our biggest need is for the SAT Coaches, College Coaches and Essay/Resume Reviewer positions.

We are looking for dedicated volunteers like you to help us further our mission to support and encourage under-served students who have the desire and academic potential to go to college, but who lack the mentoring and resources necessary to succeed.

Additionally, as part of our partnership with the APL STEM Program Management Office, we are all required to go through an online child safety training sponsored by JHU APL. We will send you more information about this when we notify you of your selection as a volunteer. All volunteers, returning and new will need to do this.

If you have volunteered with us in 2017 or 2018, please write 'returning' in the final question of the application :)

Application deadline is May 31st and we will notify you of your selection as a volunteer no later than June 3rd.

Thanks again!

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