PumpTrackSYR Time and Donation Tracking
Enter one task / volunteer session at a time, you can submit for different days, but it helps to keep the spread sheet tidy to log one day / session / task at a time.

We probably ought to log time as frequently as possible, it's just good to know and it will help to be able to quantify this. Fill out as thorough as possible, but even partial is better than nothing.

It is probably a good idea to keep a system of time tracking that works best for you also, to have on hand as back up, and to provide more information that may fit in this form.

We've also added a $$ amount donation field; you can also enter in-kind material donations with corresponding $$ value this way.

Name of Volunteer *
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Date of Donation, or Volunteered work/time
The date of time you are logging time for, even if it's approximate it's good to keep track as close to the time spent as possible.
Brief description of tasks/projects worked on.
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Hours spent on this task.
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Donation value / Out of pocket expense.
Enter the dollar amount here. Also try to keep a copy, or; send a photograph of the receipt to paypal@pumptracksyr.com with a brief description in the email body.
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Category of Volunteered Time / Donation
We may expand on categories here, open to ideas as we add more options.
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