Understanding the Postsecondary Success Reports and Data
with Kelly Spurgeon
at the Southwest Plains Conference Center
810 W. Lark Avenue, Sublette

January 25, 2018
1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Registration Fee: FREE

Members of the KSDE Postsecondary Success Team will provide detailed information and explanation of the various postsecondary reports and data sources. The first section will focus on the data and reports provided on the KSDE AMOSS Authenticated Applications site. The focus will be on understanding the reports from the National Student Clearinghouse that are the basis for the postsecondary success and effectiveness calculations. The second section will examine the Postsecondary Success and Postsecondary Effectiveness reports that are displayed on the public report card. The last segment will look at examples of how the data and reports can be put to use as part of districts’ efforts to support students’ postsecondary efforts. Every effort will be made to clarify questions and address concerns. By understanding the data and the associated reports the participants will be better equipped to use the knowledge to inform practice.

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