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For 10 and under - players may play against any gender.
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Intermediate players must be able to serve and sustain a rally or have had some tournament experience.
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For 10 and under - singles only. 11 and up may choose singles and/or doubles.
If you are playing doubles, please list your partner's name in the "other " box or request our help in finding a partner for you.
You must read and demonstrate your understanding of the following items.
I understand that FPTA is not responsible for accidents or injuries sustained by participants in its program. Participation is volunatary and I am aware of the risks. *
I understand that photos/videos of participants will be taken and may be used in print, on FPTA's website or on FPTA's social media outlets and I agree to the use of my image/my child's image in these formats. *
I understand that there is a $10 fee for participation, payable before match play unless my child participated in the FPTA Summer Camp 2018. *
I participated in the 2018 FPTA Summer Camp and my fee should be waived.
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