2019 Ignite! Effigy Information and Application
Do you have a passion for building big things and then burning them to the ground? The Ignite! Planning Association is looking for an effigy designer for the 2019 event. If your design is selected, you will be asked to create a volunteer team and build the effigy at Spirithaven. We would like for the project to be finished by Wednesday evening so Combustians have time to explore the structure prior to the Effigy Burn on Saturday evening.
This document outlines the following elements: Process, Exemptions, Selection Criteria, and Application Requirements.

Please be thorough in your responses and include pictures! Over the years, projects that are thoroughly yet concisely described with images included have been the most successful at receiving funding. Clear budgets, concept images, and attention to detail helps the IPA see your vision.

These elements should give you what you need to apply. Read through everything and show us how amazing the art will be this year. Please forward any questions, images, renderings, and other support materials electronically to effigy@ignite-burn.com.

* All effigy submissions must be through this form.
* $1,500 is being allotted for the effigy budget.
* Effigy designs must be no taller than 30 feet high.
* Any fireworks must be approved by the IPA.
* Due to the livestock and animals on the property, there should be no loud reports (bangs). Please inspect your final product to make sure that all aerosol cans arr removed prior to lighting the effigy.
* Effigy will be the center piece for the main burn on Saturday night.
* Effigy construction should be completed by Wednesday evening (or sooner) leading up to the event.
* You’ll need to solicit your own volunteer team to help realize your dream and build the structure.
* Structures may be built on-site or prefabricated.
* All LNT guidelines must be followed before, during, and after the event.
* Nothing may be left behind post-event (nails, wood, or metal supports).

Who can apply?
Anyone in the Combustia community who does not fall in the categories below:
* A member of Ignite! leadership (this includes IPA, Team Leads, Team Co-Leads)
* A member of the Transformus Family of Burns Board of Directors
* Significant others (co-habitating partners) of any of the above

Process & Schedule:
* 12/10/18 - Effigy Applications OPEN
* 01/15/19 - Effigy Applications CLOSE
* 01/20/19 - All applications blinded and forwarded to the IPA
* 01/26/19 - The IPA scores each blinded application based on criteria mentioned below
* 02/02/19 - IPA reviews scores and selects project
* 02/06/19 - Applicants will receive an email with details on selection and funding
* 02/28/19 - First payment of 60% issued
* 04/06/19 - Proof of substantial completion due for distribution of the 2nd payment of 30%
* 05/23/19 - Delivery and installation at Ignite!
* 07/01/19- Final Payment of 10% processed after the event. All receipts are due at the end of the event to avoid being issued a 1099.

Selection Criteria:
• Feasibility
Physical - Financial - Schedule - Is it well thought out and realistic?
• Community Engagement/Interaction
Does it engage burners and add to the Ignite Experience?
• Safety
Is it safe, in regard to fire, heights, sharp metal, or other physical danger?
Remember this is an all ages event. Children will be present.
• Leave No Trace
Is it effective within the Spirithaven environment? Adhere to burner principles?

Final Thoughts
* Be thorough and concise, noting when elements are not applicable (N/A).

Questions that were not covered here, please email effigy@ignite-burn.com

Share your creativity with the Ignite! family.

Email address *
Legal Name *
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Burner Name *
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Phone Number *
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Mailing Address *
Street Address, City, State, and Zip Code
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Effigy Title *
Your name for the Effigy
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Newsletter Blurb *
Describe in a few concise sentences the overall idea and elements that create it. This will be shared with the community to briefly express the idea if it is awarded.
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Detailed Physical Description *
Describe the physical elements that create the idea, this can include sound and light. Include space requirements (Height x Width x Depth), Weight, and basic structures required. Also include placement of elements and how they interact. Please send sketches, CAD drawings, photos, etc. and all other files for your project to effigy@ignite-burn.com
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Materials and Budget *
Provide a detailed list of all physical materials, with line item costs associated with each component, and a total at the bottom. Make clear note of possible subtractions for a lower cost alternate. The total budget allowed for the effigy is $1,500.
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Detailed Timeline *
Design/Fabrication/Installation/Removal Phases - Provide a detailed schedule in days or weeks for each noted phase and its elements, with the assumed conclusion being the event the last week in May.
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Transportation Requirements *
List means of delivery and return. This is the soul responsibility of the artist.
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Community Involvement *
Design/Fabrication/Installation/Removal Phases - Detail how each phase may or may not include or require the Ignite community. Also, how the idea engages the community once it is completed - do you play with it? Do you interact with it? What does it do?
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Flame Effects - Safety *
If your project includes fire, give a detailed description of how safety will be addressed by location of the flame, physical guards, or other means. All FRT requirements must be followed and all pieces involving fire must be inspected by FRT before use.
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Other Safety *
List all non-flame related safety issues and how they will be addressed.
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Leave No Trace *
What is your Leave No Trace plan? Every part of the project must be fully removed from Spirithaven. Please also note here if your project will require digging any holes or other alterations to the landscape.
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Personnel Required *
Design/Fabrication/Installation/Removal Phases - If you require help, list the number of people required to execute phases and their roles. Consider that there are limits for early arrival based on the scale of the project.
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Imagery *
Renderings/drawings/CAD/material examples/other imagery optional, but suggested to promote the best understanding of your concept. Copy URLs below or please email images to effigy@ignite-burn.com and include name and title of project.
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Submission Discloser *
Have you submitted a project (art/effigy/temple) to other Ignite! sister burns (Transformus/Synthesis)?
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Other Information
Is there any other information about yourself or others involved you would like to share for us to consider in the process?
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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