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Folding circles workshop: “You’ll be amazed at what you can create!”
The circle is not a flat disc. Instead, it's a compressed sphere. If we think of it like that, we can actually begin to obtain back all the lost information by folding the circle back into three dimensions. In this fun and dynamic workshop, kids will create, from simple paper circles, all the Platonic solids (out of which we find all of nature composed), and other fascinating fun shapes that they play with at home. Parent help is recommended for younger children to help with folding.
Recommended for grades 2-9. Teacher Darren Stoltz
Classes will be held on Thursday at 10:30 am for one hour.
Session dates: October 3- November 12
Students will need to purchase paper plates that can bend and fold.
Cost for the class is $35 for all 7 weeks.

Basic Writing and Grammar for Hesitant Writers (English).
These workshops will use humour, dialogue, modelling, and guided practice to teach basic grammar and writing skills. Students will also have the opportunity to explore voice-to-text technology if needed to increase written output. There will be a Grade 3 to 5 class and a Grade 6 to 9 session using RingCentral. Sessions will be recorded. The teacher is Steve Borley.
Cost is $30 per student for all 6 weeks
Session dates: October 16, running till Nov 20.
Grades 3-5 (2-2:45)
Grades 6-9 (3-3:45)
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