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In accordance with the requirements of the Governing Documents for Exeter Homeowners Association, the requests of homeowners for action on certain issues, and to provide the best value and service to the residents of Exeter, the Board of Directors has begun the process to amend the Governing Documents. This process is difficult and represents a significant undertaking as it requires 66%, or 553, of the Owners in Exeter to vote Yes to approve each amendment. As such, the Board is requesting a response from all homeowners. These amendments are aimed at improving three key areas:

• Amendment 1: Assessing violation charges for lot violations, such as derelict or abandoned homes.
• Amendment 2: Developing parking rules for Association parking lots (townhomes only)
• Amendment 3: Recovering attorney’s fees in court cases required to enforce covenants.

As part of this, the Board has hosted one Town Hall in March and will hold another Town Hall in the Fall of 2020.

The Board is developing a policy proposal to be considered for Amendment 1 that will be available for comment prior to a vote. For Amendment 2, the Association shall solicit additional feedback on parking policies if this effort is approved. For Amendment 3, no additional policies would be needed. The simplest way to help support this effort is to complete the Proxy (this page) and return to us. You can also complete it electronically at using the Resident Code at the top of the page. Please don’t hesitate to email us at if you have any questions. Thank you!

If the attached ballot and ratification is not completed by signed owner(s), this proxy shall be considered uninstructed. The effect of leaving this proxy uninstructed is that the proxy holder may vote as he or she deems fit on the issues presented at the Association meeting.
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