Тест на уровень владения английским
Уважаемые студенты! Специально для Вас мы разработали тест на определение уровня английского языка. Убедительная просьба не использовать словарь и в случаи, если Вы не знаете ответ, выбирайте, пожалуйста, вариант “не знаю” для достоверности теста.
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1. My mother ___________ a Ukrainian *
2. Do you have a sister?
3. How old are you?
4. He usually goes to work .....
5. We haven't got ..... milk.
6. My neighbour..... fly to NY tomorrow.
7. …...................... the 26st of July.
8. My friend was upset …… his team didn’t win.
9. The children in the back couldn’t hear the presenter, so they told him to...
10. You ..... ..... if you don’t want to.
11. Is there anything on at the cinema tomorrow?
12. This is the …… thing I have ever done.
13. ...... people are interested in chess nowadays.
14.…… me to take an umbrella when I leave.
15. Lucy ______ well with her brother, even though he’s much younger than her.
16. My boss really annoys me because he _________ me to work at the weekends.
17. If I had known you were coming...
18. Incapable of being avoided or prevented is ...
19. A deluge is the same as a _______________ .
20. Choose the correct sentence
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