Athemath Student Application
Apply to be a student for Athemath Winter here.  Please note that being a student is restricted to those who
(1) identify as an underrepresented gender;
(2) are between 13 and 17 years of age by the first day of the program.

Deadline to submit is 11:59 PST, October 13, 2021.

If you are looking for the Virtual Program Fall '21 Application, it can be found here:

Please join the Discord server for prospective applicants! You can ask any questions there :)
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Demographic Information
Basic information about you.
What's your legal name? *
What name would you prefer to be referred to by? *
Preferred pronouns: *
Student contact email: *
Parent contact email:
Grade level: *
Your school: *
City & state you live in (and country if not US): *
Please note that we REQUIRE you to carry US-valid health insurance to attend to the program, EVEN if you are an international student. *
Race/ethnicity? If mixed, indicate all.  Be specific. *
Your Math Background
Let's get to know you a little bit!
What was your score on the AMC 10/12 last year? (Pick your better score, and please specify whether it was the 10 or the 12.)
If applicable, what did you get on the AIME last year?
In 500 characters or less, tell us about your favorite math problem, and why it's your favorite math problem. It can be a problem you solved, a problem someone showed you, even a problem you missed -- anything goes! *
In 1500 characters or less, tell us what inspires you to do math contests. Do you just want to get better at math? Are there former or current competitors you look up to? Is there some subject (combinatorics, geometry, etc.) that you really enjoy? *
If there is anything else about you we should know, please note it here.   This may include significant scores on other national math contests, or contests from other countries.
If there's any topic you'd really like to cover at Athemath Winter, let us know here!
Admissions Quiz
Find the quiz here:

Send us a link to an uploaded PDF on Google Drive. (To do so, download a PDF or scan a PDF of your solutions, then upload them to Google Drive, and then share the link -- make sure it's viewable by people outside your organization's domain, if you're using a school email!)
Submit a link here:
Thank you for applying!
We'll let you know our decision as soon as we can.  We're honored that you took this time to complete this application.
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