Presenter application for Bridge the Gap
This form is for students to apply for our conference where they will be able to exhibit their skills in public speaking and presenting topics about diversity. The conference will be held on February 22nd - 23rd. Presenters will specifically be chosen for the 23rd from various times, but presentations will be up to an hour and 15 minutes. If you would like a contact, the Events and Programming committee Chair member, Jocelyn Martinez at will be available to inform you more.

Our Mission:
"We are a diversity conference that engages in activism through the arts. The conference provides an opportunity to emerge in a range of dialogue, experiences, and knowledge from peer conversation and interaction. We are hoping to provide a platform for individuals to engage in a larger discussion of how diversity, identity, and more, impact the individual and/or community; on both the local and global scale. We are striving to bridge the gap between the extremities that culminate within society, that create further distance and uncertainty from what is at hand. Growth cannot foster in confinement. Within the audience that we wish to seek, we hope to gather people who have interest in how to further their participation in social justice or recognizing their privilege and learning ways to stop the perpetuation in the current political climate. We also hope to attract people within the community who are of color that can use this conference to flourish and engage in more thought provoking material, while facilitating a healing environment for themselves and others"

Deadline for submission December 14, 2018

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