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Thank you for your interest in attending Chronicon! We are so excited for what is in store and know that our upcoming event will be one we will never forget. When our founder Nitika Chopra set out to create Chronicon, she was committed to making it a company and experience that welcomed people from all walks of life and whole-heartedly believes that no one should miss out on attending due to financial hardship.

Having to take medications, pay for extra-expensive health insurance, visit specialists and so much more, Nitika understands how much of a financial burden our health can create.

Please fill out the form below and let us know why you want to attend Chronicon and help us understand  where you are at with your financial situation so that we can support you in attending this life-changing event, either virtually or in-person!
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If requesting to join us in-person, are you able to pay for a part of your ticket in order to support the work Chronicon is doing? If not, that is ok, but please let us know below.
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