400+1's New Member Study Groups  
***This study group is now full. We encourage folx to continue to sign up USING THIS FORM to be placed on our waiting list. In the case that someone is not able to participate in the third cohort of study groups, all those who are not placed will be automatically considered for our fourth and final cohort which is tentatively scheduled to begin in November 23rd.

We will have a total of four cohorts before our members enroll in Praxis: A Phrontistery for Black Liberation. Membership will then be closed for the next seven years. Learn more by clicking the button below: 

If you have questions or information that could help us, please email us at fourhundredandone@protonmail.com.*** 
400+1 remains committed to welcoming Black folx to the movement for #aworldbeyondsurvival.

As our Summer ‘20 cohorts graduate from their study groups and move on to disruption containers, we are ready to debut our next round of engagements! 

Title: I Choose Revolution 

Time: Mondays 7 pm- 9 pm (Beginning on Monday, September 15th and ending on Monday, November 16th)

400+1 is excited to accept applications for its next new member study group! This engagement is a best of compilation of readings, questions, and concepts from our last six new member cohorts. Participants will explore: 

+the intricacies and demands of armed struggle

+the viability of pleasure as revolutionary praxis

+anti-capitalism as a foundation for Black liberation

+how Vodou’s role in the Haitian Revolution can inform spirituality as resistance

+Afrofuturism as a political framework

+400+1’s transition from the reproductive justice framework to reproductive revolution.

+the juxtaposition of Pan-Africanism to Black Internationalism 

+the history of global Black resistance and its relevance to 400+1’s movement strategy. 
This is an opportunity for you to come home to a Black cooperative federation that dreams big and prioritizes preparedness and praxis while de-emphasizing harm reduction as an end all. 
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Please acknowledge that this study group is the first step in 400+1's membership matriculation process. It is not a stand alone engagement. *
These study groups are exclusively for members of the African Diaspora. If you aren't Black and are interested in political education, please visit www.theallyship.org. Do you identify as Black? *
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