Volunteer to serve as a JEA Link
Thank you for your willingness to be matched with a new JEA member to provide a connection to the organization. As an experienced member, your personal contact and support will serve as an ongoing link to JEA and its programs. By completing this form, you will be matched with a candidate as soon as possible and will receive information at the email address provided.
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2215 Solitude Way
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Whitney High School
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Approximately 50 percent Caucasian, 45 percent equal mixture of Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino and 5 percent African-American
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I value the relationships, programs and services of this organization and want to bring newer members into the fold. I enjoy giving my time to help other teachers in any way that strengthens their practice and boosts their confidence. And I think new members to any organization may not be aware of what's available, so this is a chance to help them take advantage of JEA in a personal way.
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