C3L and Beyond Survey
Please complete this survey to plug into the "C3L and Beyond" initiative to connect participants from Climate Change Conversations in Libraries ("C3L") with one another and with a variety of organizations and programs to support climate-related work at a personal level, in your community, across New England, and beyond.
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Would like to be contacted about the offerings from any of these "Beyond C3L" partners?
For more information, go to bit.ly/C3Lpartners
Would you like to help us organize more climate change conversations in libraries and other public venues?
The Beyond C3L team is seeking local partners to help convene climate change conversations across New England and beyond. Let us know if you would like to help, or if you know someone else we should contact.
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Would you be interested in a virtual World Cafe conversation on Climate Change?
Anywhere from 12-500 people can gather via videoconferencing for dialogue on the challenges and opportunities emerging from the crisis created by climate change
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Are there any potential partner organizations or initiatives you want to connect us with?
Do you have any questions, comments, or requests for the Beyond C3L team?
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