Holiday Questionnaire
Holiday Questionnaire


My name is Joseph Warner, I am 30 years old, I am of British origin and I am hearing impaired. I live near Rieupeyroux midway, in the countryside of Aveyronnaise (South of France).
I have an ambition to shortly start my own business, with the purpose of proposing holiday stays for the deaf and hearing impaired and other persons with disabilities in a relaxed setting, with different activities, including courses in the kitchen.
Our goal is to offer a holiday for equivalent quality to those who are non-disabled, also!
Your help will be invaluable to help us build our project, that is why we are asking you 5 minutes of your time to fill out this questionnaire, which will remain confidential.
We pledge to keep you informed of the evolution of our project.
You can also contact us directly:
- Joseph Warner:
Thank you very much!!
1 : Have you taken a vacation for deaf people and hard of hearing before?
If Yes, Where?
How many times?
For how long?
2: Would you be interested in a vacation adapted for deaf people in Aveyron (southern France)
Clear selection
What length of stay would be suitable for you?
4: Would you be interested in cooking classes?
If yes, would you prefer to learn to cook with?
Would you prefer your holiday to be about just learning to cook or would you prefer if there was also entertainment and if so what would be your preference ?
Not interested
Some what interested
Very interested
Yoga / Meditation 
Cooking course 
Nutritional Education
Indoor activities
Board games
Nature activites
Picnics by the river
Kayaking canoeing
Horse riding
Music and Dance
Clear selection
Do you have other ideas of activities that you enjoy or you might like to include?
Regarding the age group, which group would you be most comfortable with?
Clear selection
What is your gender?
Clear selection
What type of group would you prefer?
Hearing status:
For your holiday, how would you prefer to communicate?
What type of group would you prefer to integrate?
Would you reside?
Please could you inform below:
Country and city? Your Address? your profession? Thank you.
Thank you to enter your e-mail address. *
Do you know other people who might be interested in this questionnaire?
If yes, specify here their email address ... I thank you for your time!
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