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How many customers come visit your small business location on a daily basis? *
How many customers leave your store each day without purchasing, because they can’t afford your products or services? *
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If so, is it making you money on a consistent basis? *
Do you currently have an open small business line of credit that you use on a regular basis? *
Do you currently have an existing merchant service provider? *
What do you dislike about your current processor? *
Are you on a Cash Discount Program with your current Processor *
Are you experiencing any issues with employee absenteeism and/or lack of productivity due to financial stress at home and/or at the workplace? *
Is your small business currently an active member of the local Chamber of Commerce in your community? *
Do you constantly have to purchase new inventory on a regular and ongoing basis in order to replace old inventory that is not profitable for you? *
Does your business have the capability to increase revenues without having to change your business model, inventory, hire additional employees and/or outside sales professionals, or increase your current advertising budget? *
Do you believe that your customers spend more or less than 90% of their annual buying power at the major chain stores? (Walmart,Target,BestBuy,Mobil) *
Does your small business profit when your customers shop somewhere else? *
Thank you for participating in our survey today. The information you provided us will be invaluable as we begin reaching out to small business owners with practical solutions to the issues that are addressed in the survey. We are confident that our company will play an important role in helping local businesses like yours, increase revenues and overall profitability.
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