CAST 2018-19: Homefront/WWII Season. SPRING Audition Form
We are excited that you are interested in auditioning to be a part of a CAST performance activity this year! These activities promise to be authentic arts experiences that motivate students to accomplish more than they ever thought possible. The commitment required to prepare for performance is tremendous and we know that during this time of year families are struggling with getting back to school, preparing for the holiday season, and juggling many other activities. Please consider all of this with your family before you audition. Performers must be able to attend all the rehearsals for which they are called. Please help us by only participating in these activities if you can happily keep the commitment. Since commitment plays a large part in the casting process, please be fair and don’t audition if the commitment will be broken.

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ABOUT AUDITIONS After school on Wednesday January 9, 2019
Auditions will be held in the Julian Auditorium Theatre immediately after school. You must have filled out this google form before you audition. It is advisable to have a 30-60 second audition piece prepared for your audition. Memorization is suggested but not required. The better you are prepared, the better you will audition. Poetry or a cutting from a play is certainly acceptable. The key to success is preparation. For assistance with your audition visit the CAST Lab (D103) or attend the How to Audition Workshop on August 30 after school in the Auditorium. You will need a sharpened pencil. Enter the audition in an orderly fashion and wait to be called. The time allowed for the audition process is dependent on the number of students participating in the audition process. We will keep you as short a time as possible; however, we want you to have a fair and objective audition. For this reason we cannot predict the time you will have completed your audition. Please plan your travel home accordingly. If you cannot attend or cannot stay for the entire audition please contact us in the CAST office as soon as possible to reschedule: (708) 524-7848 or

Performance activities demand hard work and devotion. Like any athlete, actors must “shape-up” their body and mind for optimum performance before an audience. Please do not agree to participate if you cannot keep this commitment. Participation in these activities is based on the students being able to attend the rehearsals for which they are called. Please do not accept membership if you cannot attend all rehearsals for which you are called. Rehearsals will generally be held after school until 5:30 or 6:00 PM in the Julian Auditorium during the rehearsal period for each activity listed below. No one will be called five days a week and no one will be called less than two days a week, however the amount of rehearsal time you will need is determined by the size of your role and the proximity to performance. A detailed schedule will be sent with your casting information. It is assumed that any conflicts will be addressed before the first rehearsal. A medical or family emergency is the only excused absence. Detentions or any other engagement are not an excuse to miss or arrive late at rehearsals. Excessive absence (3 or more) from rehearsal makes it impossible for an actor to receive the instruction needed to participate in performance. Your absence will affect every CAST participant. Please consider your responsibility to family and school before agreeing to participate. Technical rehearsals will take place during the week preceding the performance. These rehearsals are mandatory for all activity members. They are the only time during which all elements of production are coordinated and rehearsed. Often these rehearsals are at night from 6 - 9:30 PM. Missing even one technical rehearsal constitutes a serious lack of preparation for performance.

Before selecting which shows you would like to perform in please check that you are available during the following rehearsal periods. It is assumed that if you indicate interest in a production on your audition form that you will cancel all other commitments to participate in preparations for that performance. Only conflicts that are listed on your audition form will be excused. If you have questions about this process please contact the CAST office at 524-7848 or

REVERIE – January 14 – February 21 Performance February 22 & 23
SINGALONG/HOUSEKEEPING- January 28-March 14 Performance March 15, 16 & 17
ANTIGONE MUNICH- March 4 - April 25. Performance April 26 & 27

All performances except the TOURING show will take place at the Julian Auditorium Theatre or the CAST Studio Space (unless otherwise indicated) at 7:30 PM, the house will open at 7:00 PM. Tickets may be purchased from the CAST Lab or at the door or online in the District 97 webstore.

We believe it is essential to your success that you keep current or ahead on your school work. The school office has progress reports you may use to help with communication between school and home. If you need assistance with homework or find you are having difficulty, stop by the CAST lab. We will be there to help. Come in at lunch and catch up on your homework. Try to keep ahead of things. Your teachers want you to be as successful in school as you are in CAST. We know you can do it. CAST has a long history at Julian because it enhances the overall academic experience. Participation in CAST is not to be used as an excuse for missing or late work. By agreeing to participate in CAST you are agreeing to uphold the high academic standards that CAST participants have enjoyed for over a decade. Anyone who has ever seen a CAST show, and thousands do every year, has high expectations of CAST participants...and why shouldn’t they? Your participation in CAST as made tangible by this agreement is your way of saying yes to your best self.

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