Project Cam Opener 2015 - 2016 Application

We're so excited you've chosen to participate! Before we start, here is a brief project overview.

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    Timeline & Application Process

    May 11: Applications due (midnight) April 28 - May 18: Feedback & Application Iteration May 26: Notifications Sent June 8-10: Cam Opener Kickoff events during Digital Educator Academy Please Note: This process is collaborative in nature and has built in time to receive and integrate feedback into the answers you provide here. The proposal you make today will get better because others will look at it, comment on it, and ask good questions about it. Please don't feel like your proposal has to be perfect for consideration, nor do you need to answer questions based on an "ideal state". Project Cam Opener is about a mindset of risk-taking, growth, and a focus on process over product - so please embrace this thought-process as you answer the questions below. If you do not feel like you are a good fit for Project Cam Opener, but know a teacher or leader who is, you can invite them to take a look at the application at

    The Intro Video

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