London West Youth Cabinet Application
The London West Youth Cabinet is an opportunity for young people in London West to have their voices heard on provincial issues, to shape the policies that affect Ontarians, and to make an impact in our community.

Applications are open to students in Grades 7-12, and youth aged 18-25, who live in London West. Participants should have an interest in matters of provincial policy, and be able to commit to cabinet and committee meetings between October and June, as well as additional time as required to prepare for projects

If you would prefer to fill out the form offline, please download the PDF Application from

If you require any kind of accommodations in order to apply, please contact my community office at 519-657-3120 or
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Why do you think it is important for youth to have a voice in politics?
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If you were given the opportunity to lead a community project, what would you choose to do?
What do you hope to gain from participating in the London West Youth Cabinet?
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