Trixel Creative Sound Designer Application
By filling out this form you will be submitting your information to Trixel Creative for further review. Please take your time to choose carefully, as you can not edit the form once it has been submitted.

Your responses will determine whether or not you will be fit for the role we are looking for.

We are using the Unity engine to build the game, so if you want to help with anything user-facing you should have a solid foundation in C# and Unity in general. You also need to know how to use git.

Please remember, you aren't applying for a job and there is no monetary compensation. This is an effort by passionate members of the community to make something awesome!

You will be required to:
- Give and take constructive criticism
- Handle multiple assignments at once while staying organized
- Contribute a decent/appropriate amount of progress regularly

Teamwork is very important to us.

Sound Designer Description and Expectations:
As a sound designer, your task will be to record and/or create new sounds that can be manipulated to create sound effects that will become signature and unique to the game itself. Things like user interface sound effects, physics sounds, ambient sounds, etc.

The method of your sound design can be your own, as long as the sound effects are consistent in quality, style, file type, and other things along those lines. We want to make sure that the game has a consistent and unique sound throughout, and we want to ensure it will be easy for future sound effects to fit in the game and not feel out of place, even if they're made by other sound designers or developers.
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A good portfolio should showcase your best/favorite work, and should be an example of the skills you can offer to the project. If you do not have a portfolio, please provide any example of your previous work. A proper portfolio is strongly recommended. You can link as many things as you'd like!
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Moderate graphics power is vital for PC projects.
Which programs do you use to do sound design in?
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Do you have experience creating sound effects? *
Do you record and manipulate sounds to make sound effects, create them fully digitally, or both? *
Are you familiar with user-generated content (UGC) games? *
Are you willing to use Discord and Trello for the project on a consistent basis, and also maintain very regular communication amongst team members? *
Communication is essential to making a great team work. We are looking for people who have good communication skills, and are very active with the other team members. We use Trello for project management and Discord for communication.
Roughly how many hours each week are you willing to dedicate to the project? *
We understand that projects are taken on during personal time, and things such as work and education take priority. You are encouraged to contribute at least 3 hours a week to the project, however, we realize that hours may vary from week-to-week.
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