Burp It On Global Challenge
Wisconsin (USA) vs North Carolina (USA) vs Victoria (AUS) vs Ontario (Canada) vs Illinois (USA), vs Idaho (USA)- Which state has the best burpers?

Your school has two weeks commencing Monday 13th April and concluding on Friday 24th April (10 days) to have as many students complete the 'Burp It On' challenge as possible. http://burpiton.weebly.com/uploads/4/3/2/3/43233927/youve_been_burped_form.pdf

1. Share this Google Form to all staff within your school.
2. At the end of each day staff should submit the number of students that have completed the Burp It On Challenge in full. This may mean you have multiple teachers across your school entering scores. This is ok, as long as they tag your school in the answers below you will be credited with their school.
3. Any Burp It On challenges not completed in full in one day can not be credited a score but the challenge can be finished the following day by the individual student to receive the credit for that completed task.
4. Burp It On is an individual challenge and students can not form a team to complete a challenge set. However they can complete the whole task with team mates and this may help encourage other students.
5. At the completion of the two week cycle your entered scores will be allowed up to 5pm on Friday 24th April. We are working across three different timezones which is really cool. I believe IDAHO will be the last state to reach 5pm on that Friday.
6. Once all scores are in, Andy Hair will tally the scores and declare a Burp It On, World Champion and at the same time will make the scores available for public viewing. Prior to this you must go your hardest to get your school super pumped about Burp It On.
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