Japan Astronomy & Culture Tour for Academics 2019
With the extensive urbanization, light pollution has become a headline issue towards astronomy education and development in Hong Kong. Together with their occupied schedule, students nowadays are detaching from Mother Nature, not to mention the luxurious opportunity and time to enjoy a beautiful starry sky. With the detachment from Nature and a lack of astronomical knowledge, students’ interest towards astronomy has declined, which results in a lot of misunderstanding towards various astronomical phenomena.

With reference to the curriculum on STEM based on The Education Bureau, this tour is designed based specifically on “Science”(S) and “Technology”(T). With reference to the vast development in technology, the advancement in Astronomy, an ancient yet major branch in Science, is not negligible. The aim of this tour is to provide opportunity for students who have developed an interest towards Astronomy, and yet has a lack of time and proper channel to expose to such scientific field, for enhancing both their interest and knowledge. It is hoped that participating students would learn how to appreciate the beauty of Nature, and at the same time, embrace the advancing technology so that they will have an endeavor to explore the unknown Universe. In addition, astronomy instructors will also teach students to do astrophotography throughout the tour, such that students can have fun via their path in learning and exploration.

Details of event
Date:3 July 2019 (New Moon) – 7 July 2019 (Waxing Crescent)

Destination^︰Tokyo - Nagoya, Japan

Target participants:Students from Grades 7 - 12/13 or F.1 - F.6

Number of participants:35(inclusive of teachers-in-charge)

Event code:1907-TS

Tour fee*:HK$12,980/participant

^Please refer to our website (www.astrolink.hk) or our Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/hk.astrolink) for detailed itinerary.
*Tour arrangements for “AstroLink Japan Astronomy & Culture Tour for Academics 2019”, inclusive of meals, accommodation, transportation, activities and other related details are arranged by licensed travel agencies of both Hong Kong and onsite. AstroLink is SOLELY responsible for tour fee handling, contact with travel agencies and astronomy knowledge and photography instruction. In case of changes in itinerary due to unexpected scenario, tour guide and AstroLink instructors will decide on the most suitable arrangements.

This enrollment form is for individual enrollment. Students enrolling via this form are required to submit their student identity document for verification.

If the enrollment on this form is odd number, or the gender of participants is odd number, the single-out participant will be roomed with a fellow participant of this tour. The arrangement of accommodation is double-occupancy and will be based on the gender of participants.

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