#NUPride Community and Staff Award Nomination

The #NUPride Community and Staff Award will honor one community member or one staff member at each of the North Union Local School District Board of Education Meetings. Please complete the attached form to nominate someone who gives time, hard work, compassion, and raises the expectations of the district in his/her contributions.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form, and we look forward to hearing from our staff and community about the great things happening in our district.
Please share your name as the nominator. If you would like to remain anonymous leave this section blank.
Now, please share the name of a community or staff member who should be recognized for raising the expectation to the contribution of time, effort, compassion and hard work to the North Union Local School District.
Next, please write a short paragraph about the contributions of this staff or community member that can be shared at the board meeting.
Finally, we would like to honor this person in his/her classroom, place of employment, or while contributing to the school before the board meeting with a short, informal presentation possibly with a snacks and a card invitation to the board meeting. Please share a good time and place to honor this person. If you do not have a suggestion for this, no worries, we will take care of it.
Please offer any other comments, suggestions, or questions below.
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