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The words "Intentional Community" describe a wide spectrum of ways that residential communities organize themselves. While at one end there are groups that are highly disciplined around a missional purpose, there are other groups in which members hold similar values, for example, that of practicing voluntary simplicity, promoting sustainability, encouraging diversity and nurturing personal relationships. The GreenRise Intentional Community falls into the latter category.

Even though many come to community life with high hopes and ideal expectations, some are disappointed because community life is always a work in progress. Instead of making the issues disappear with which the nation as-a-whole is grappling, our experience is that many of these issues can become intensified within the community life.

Because intentional community living includes many benefits, there is often an illusion that somehow community living is easy. Our members pitch in to keep up the commons areas and give order to the community.  It is misguided to think that this is a place to escape responsibility or that someone else will do your work. For example, if you believe that this community is a place primarily "to live on the cheap" this is not where you belong. However, if you want to engage with others in the adventure to help create a new life-style and build a culture of responsible living this may be your place.

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