Diesel Dad Mentorship Application
The Diesel Dad Mentorship is for busy dads that want to lose 20-40 pounds without restrictive diets, crazy supplements, and countless hours in the gym.

The Diesel Dad Mentorship is our premium coaching service.

In order to provide top notch service, we only open a few slots each quarter. If we are full you will be put on a waiting list.

This service is specifically reserved for those that:
- want / need help losing 20-40 pounds of body fat in 6 months
- want / need to make rapid progress and to be held accountable to achieve a specific goal by a specific date

Please fill out the form below and we'll reach out to you to see if you qualify. If you have questions please send a message to anders@barbellshrugged.com

-Anders, Doug and the crew at Barbell Shrugged
Diesel Dad Mentorship Program Outline and Welcome by Anders Varner
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Why is this goal so important to you? and/or to your family? *
Why do you believe we are the right people to help you achieve your goal? *
Change can be difficult and timing is everything. Why is this the best moment for you to invest your time, money, energy and effort to accomplish this goal? *
If accepted, how soon would you like to get started? *
Are you financially stable enough to afford a premium coaching package of 6-12 months? *
Are you the financial decision maker? Are you able to make a decision about a paid program without the presence of your spouse or significant other? (Meaning they trust you enough to make a financial decision about something you feel is a good fit and will give you a thumbs up if you decided to move forward with a paid program) * *
In the next step you will be directed to book a discovery call. Do you have integrity, will you show up at the time you select? If not please don't waste our time. We have families just like you and value our time. Show up at the time you pick. *
Please add any additional comments here, submit this from and we'll reach out ASAP to get more information and / or to let you know next steps. Thanks! *
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