Spring Retreat Registration Form
Registration to attend Spring Retreat at Linh Son Temple

Event Address: 4604 Duval Road, Austin, TX 78727
Event Time: 7:00 PM March 9th, 2018 to 3:00 PM March 11th, 2018
Cost: $20 per person
Age requirement: 8 years and older. Children under 12 need to be accompanied by a parent for the duration of the retreat
Last day to register: February 28th, 2018

Liability Waiver: By sending in this registration and fees, you agree to the following statement: We, as participants, relieve the Linh Son's chapter of the Vietnamese Buddhist Youth Association, Linh Son Buddhist Temple, Magnolia Grove Monastery or any of the above mentioned organizations' members from all liabilities in an event of any injury or illness incurred to me or my family while attending the retreat at Linh Son Buddhist Temple.

For questions or comments, please contact Nguyên Hương Huỳnh Lê Phương Thảo: 512-568-0207, Tâm Sơn Lê Quỳnh Lâm: 737-600-9767

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