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Thank you for your interest in contributing your essential worker story to the “Coronavirus News For Black Folks” newsletter.

We are an independent news project that aims to empower our community by circulating existing coronavirus (COVID-19) news and stories as it relates to the Black Diaspora and creating our own original written and audio content to fill the many gaps in coverage, from how the disease and pandemic are specifically impacting our physical and mental health, our social and cultural structures and institutions, and more:

Please fill out the following below and we will contact you when your story and experiences align with news we're working on at the moment. We likely won't end up being able to include every person's story, but those people whose stories do not make it into our posts will still be given a special shout out in the newsletter.

Patrice Peck
Founder, Coronavirus News for Black Folks
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How protected and safe do you feel at work during the pandemic? Also, please describe your protective gear and how comfortable it is to wear it. *
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Have you been infected with COVID-19? If so, when? *
If you haven't been infected, what do you think your chances are of being infected with COVID-19? *
Have any of your colleagues or patients been infected with COVID-19? If so, about how many? And how does that make you feel? *
What are your biggest fears about this disease and pandemic? *
What motivates you to keep showing up at the front line, day after day? What kinds of rewarding experiences have you had? *
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