2018 San Juan Mining & Reclamation Conference: ABSTRACT SUBMISSION Extended Deadline: Midnight, Wed., March 7, 2018 (original deadline: March 3, 2018)
CONFERENCE THEME: “Planning for Resiliency”

A long-range view is necessary to build resilient communities and organizations, especially in today’s economy. Times of plenty make it easy to carry on with business as usual. However, disruptive events can impede operations and hinder progress for many years, shifting resources to recovery efforts and away from fundamental objectives. Realizing that very few disasters are completely unexpected or sudden, but rather predictable potentialities with long-term causes, we can proactively design and implement projects to avoid major setbacks and reduce negative consequences.

In mining and reclamation, disruption is often tied to catastrophic environmental events, price fluctuations, shifting regulatory priorities and reduced funding, as well as human error. The theme for the 2018 San Juan Mining & Reclamation Conference, “Planning for Resiliency”, encourages discussions of how the mining and reclamation community can plan for potential disasters. We seek to learn from the experiences and insights of those with approaches to crisis management that weigh the impacts to society, the economy and the environment. We are interested in discussing best practices and solutions from the perspective of how focusing on this triple bottom line effects project development and long-range planning.

We invite bold and frank conversations about topics that have challenged you, may be considered taboo, or can be uncomfortable to share. Through sharing useful information about these topics, the 8th annual San Juan Mining & Reclamation Conference (May 2-4, 2018) aims to create a productive forum with helpful takeaways and more innovative projects. We welcome you to join us for another opportunity of sharing and networking.


Please submit all information contained in the form below, including your abstract, by MARCH 3, 2018 at 5 p.m. MST. Abstract titles are limited to 12 words and abstract descriptions should be no more than 250 words. We welcome the submission of abstracts for oral presentations (20 minutes), posters (up to 42” x 60”), and topics for roundtable discussions (≤ 12 person break-out groups). We will balance content contributed by industry, government, and nonprofit organizations in the final program. Your contribution should have a San Juan Mountains context and align well with the general conference theme described above. More specifically, your abstract should be related to one of these sample topics:
1. Longevity of mines, watershed groups and other related organizations
2. Risk assessment, tolerance, mitigation and communication
3. Fiduciary responsibility and abandoned mines i.e. Good Samaritan Law or other solutions
4. Scenario planning, adaptive management and other best practices
5. Environmental justice
6. New regulations and their impact
7. Planning for natural disasters and severe weather events
8. The implications of changes in relationships, partners and stakeholders

If you are uncertain whether your presentation idea fits with these topics or you have any questions related to this form, contact Guinevere Nelson at guineverenelson@gmail.com.

You can also see past presentations online at: mountainstudies.org/sjmrc and youtu.be/bpUajHB61ws

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