How can we serve you?
In this new season of church online, we want to serve you in your time of need. We have put together a few questions to help us understand what you might have need of. This form will be kept private and checked by our Local Church staff.
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Are there any grocery and food supplies that you need? If so, please be specific as to what you need. (hamburger meat, canned corn, toilet paper, size 4 pampers, hand sanitizer, etc.)
If you're still working in an office and have elementary kids home from school, do you need childcare for a certain part of the day? Or needing help to watch kids so that you can run errands to get groceries, etc.?(Please inform: # of kids, ages, and day/times)
Do you have a family member in their older age living with you who needs to be checked on during the day while you're at work? If so, how can we help?
Would you be available to help serve as we focus on the meeting the needs of our church family? If so, what day(s)/time(s) are you available, and how can you help?
We are creating simple & effective ways to help keep us connected through what we call Online Lifegroups! Would you be willing to lead one of these Online Lifegroups?
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If there is a need that we may have missed, please let us know how we can serve you in this time!
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